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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Welcome to Hippie World -- Today's Bonus Post

Ok, we all know by now that I'm a transplanted East Coast (and Southern) girl into the world of free love, earth mothers, and silicone valley, right? We all also know that by comparison I'm a wee bit high strung and often look at these people like they are from Mars. Ok, just checking we are all on the same page.

I joined a "Mother's Club." I needed friends, thought women with kids could be a nice group of people to meet, right? I think I found the lost colony of loons. Now, let's keep in mind I live in hippie world. There's this Yahoo group for my Mother's club. They typically ask for potty training advice, playgroup things, and oh, selling/giving away of stuff. On the East Coast, I thought this was an important part of mommyhood, where kids clothing/toys/stuff never dies, it just gets passed on until it finally gets to GoodWill and then sold on eBay. So alas. I see lots of: does anyone want this or that e-mails. No biggie right? Until I saw this one:

12 Organic cloth diapers, 2 bumkins small, 6 litewraps med (15-20lbs), 2 litewraps newborn (up to 10 lbs). 2 rolls (100 sheets ech) Kushies diaper liners.
$20 for the lot
All in great condition.
Does anyone else see an issue here? Let go through the Queen's thoughts one by one:
  • Used diapers? HELLO? Yes, I'd like some used tampons please. I'm sorry, I'm highly opposed to putting something YOUR child poo'd in on my child's butt. Yes, I'm aware of diaper services and the fact this isn't all that weird, BUT services have HIGH temp washings and I don't KNOW the person who poo'd in the diaper before my son.
  • CLOTH diapers? Ok, I'm well aware of the landfill issues. I'm well aware of tons of enviromental things (I'm even rather aware that cloth diapered babies potty train sooner); but it is 2006, folks. I believe that God invented disposable diapers for a reason and we should embrass them. Plus after a few weeks of dealing with accidents in training pants in the Snark House, I'm thinking that two years of cloth diapers would have had me wandering the streets telling people the world was coming to an end. Go on and ask the next homeless woman you see, I bet she'll tell you she's on the streets because she put her kid in cloth diapers, or maybe not -- is worth a shot though.
  • $20 bucks for the lot? Ok, here's where I draw the line. People are giving away strollers, climbing structures, and STUFF all the time and you are SELLING diapers, used diapers?? Hey, and did you know that diapers make excellant cleaning cloths? Or maybe you are opposed to dusting your house with something your kid poo'd in? Would that make you think twice about selling them to one of us?
  • Finally, the Queen has a question. Is the reason all of these are in newborn sizes because you realized that this was a freak idea and you joined the rest of us on Earth who know and love our disposable diapers? Or is your kid potty trained?
Yes, the Queen has issues, why do you ask? And the biggest thing I'm having problems with is that in a day I'll see this same woman write that the diapers are sold. Why did I move here again?
To leave you -- this is by far my favorite posting to date. I've removed all the places to protect the innocent:
Wow, that new XXXXXX Montessori school sounds absolutely amazing. I spoke with them further and they are dedicated to organics and health. No pesticides, nontoxic cleaning and craft supplies, even no carpet and a low VOC paint. Just the kind of place I want my daughter to spend time in! It's a big chunk of money to spend but, per hour, it's actually much cheaper than a babysitter.

The catch? They absolutely won't take children under 3 years. My daughter is 14 months.

I'm not looking for day care/school right now, but my home business is picking up substantially and I may need this in a few months. Soapmaking is *not* compatible with toddlers.

So I'm considering options for the future. I have two wonderful babysitters I found through XXXXX's babysitting network, but I think a school-like atomsphere would be a good thing, and the costs are lower (not a big deal for the occasional day or evening, but it adds up when it's regular).

Are there any other organically-minded places around? If the place is like this, you'll know it. I really can't use places that don't spray pesticides inside but don't know what building maintanance is doing to the outside, or places that are willing to not to use the Lysol in front of my daughter, etc. I want the whole package: organic gardens, wooden toys, natural cleaners, and nontoxic building supplies.

I love the XXXXX Waldorf school in XXXXXXX but it's pretty far away, awfully expensive, short, and all the classes for children younger than kindergarden require a parent/caregiver to be there too.

I personally am not interested in any place that is identified Christian, but go ahead and send info if appropriate, and I'll include it in the compilation. Btw, the only Jewish day care in town sprays extremely toxic pesticides indoors and outdoors and uses pressure treated lumber for the gardens and children's play areas. This is what I need to avoid. Go ahead and give info for any age, since I know people with older children who are interested too, though something for toddlers is ideal for me.

So other than XXXXX Montessori, what's available? If you email me privately with your replies, I'll compile them for the list in a few days.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I don't know what the laws are in Cali, but where I live, BY LAW you have to clean daycare centers with lysol or bleach. IT'S THE LAW!

Too bad about the 3s room. The daycare center by me is less strict with that. I say if this keeps up, tell 'em you don't care if he's potty trained or not, he's moving on up! If they can't control their biters, they can change a diaper in the 3s room!

Your Secret Pal

11:47 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

Yeah, I am with anonymous up gotta disinfect stuff with bleach or SOMETHING.

Yikes, organic daycare. Now I have seen it all.

Love the used diaper post. I have seen people use cloth diapers with the wool soakers but still, I can't see it in me. LOVE disposables.

I have found most Mom (true 100% Mom groups) don't fit with my attitudes on kids, husbands, alcohol (the medicinal kind ;)), views on husband runs the house and I am stupid woman....ok...gotta quit before I really P#^& off someone!

11:57 AM  
Anonymous Niki said...

I just think it's funny that someone is using cloth diapers, but obviously disposable liners. So where is the line drawn? OK, they're flushable, and biodegradable, but what are they made of? My guess is paper, which comes from (gasp) trees - to me, if you're going to be PC, be PC all the way, and suffer through the cloth diapers and rubber pants, and the mess and work that comes with them. If a paper liner is required for a "reusable" diaper, isn't that still just waste? Of trees, if nothing else? And the $20 thing is over the top, though 2 rolls of the liner things go for $12 at Wally World - yikes! Add that to the price (obviously expensive, if used ones are being SOLD) of the diapers, the covers, the rubber pants, the washing (of the diapers and all of the yucky clothes and sheets!), the bleach (oh no - if she's opposed to bleach, how on earth does she wash her disposable diapers - EWWW!), the detergent (organic only, got to be pricey!), and the water - oh, the wasted water! And unless I'm mistaken, with only 12 diapers, she's doing laundry EVERY SINGLE FREAKING DAY! Sorry for the screaming, but there's a reason I live in "God's country" - these Left Coast people are insane (present company excepted). Done ranting now. Hope you find some more "good" LC (non-PC) friends out there, because these Mother's Club people are nuts!

6:50 PM  
Blogger Polly said...

OK once again I am here to solve your problems: the potty training issues- telll the that Duke is potty trained and that one of the other little savages must be stuffing his pants with their poo. Tell them you just read an article that that is the next step after biting.

Re. the organic post are you saying that you want me to use natural detergent instead of Clorox to clean my tampons before I send them to you? Are you OK on maxipads... because if you're not I can post for you on CL or Freecycle.

And btw, while I am taking up space in your comments section, I think one of the most disgusting things to knit and crochet is those leak guardy things that go over baby diapers. I just can't imagine knitting/crochet something to be pissed on. What's next barf bag cozies? (If you want that let me know so I can run and get some Red Heart and Fun Fur and get it worked up for your trip)

6:58 PM  
Blogger badmommy said...

I read a study a number of years ago that found that in terms of impact on the environment, cloth diapers and disposables came out just about the same - what with the use of lots of water and detergent, etc.

Bottom line (you should excuse the expression): Cloth diapers leak, most of the time. Disposables don't leak, most of the time. Cloth diapers hold the pee and poop against your baby's butt and disposables wick the moisture away. How hard is this decision?

9:21 AM  

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