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Friday, May 12, 2006

Yes, it's a post.

If there was a theme to my past few days it would be "running late." I feel like I've rushed to everything since Tuesday. While I'm not the gotta be there horribly early kinda of girl, I can be the totally on time girl. However, I've been averaging 10 minutes behind my normal schedule all week and I'm sick of it -- sick, I tell you. So in my effort to stop that I figured I'd check my e-mail, wirte my post and run to the city. Then my browser locked up --- and I'm still 10 minutes late! Urgh.

So, since I'm running behind, here's a few tidbits from Snarkville:
  1. I won't be wearing shoes for a bit --- seems the blister that took over the back of my foot is huge AND painful. It hasn't burst yet -- so I don't see healing anytime on the horizon. In other news, be happy I've spared you a photo of the world's largest blister.
  2. I'm headed into the city to meet my SP Hostess. How cool is this -- even if she does want to start the pool on how long it will take the Prince to lay the scooter down ;).
  3. My cable sock is taking FOREVER. It has stopped growing completely. I need one more cable repeat and I think I'm going to make the toe and call it DONE. But then there's sock #2. URGH. Who's nutso idea was it for a cable sock?
  4. My friend Niki's husband is finding out something about his job today -- could be good or could be bad -- literally we are talking 50/50. So go over to KnitNik and leave a comment of support for her -- I think she may be a wee bit stressed out over there.
  5. I'm in need of coffee -- I decided to treat myself to Peet's today, so I need to leave a little earlier to get to Peets and then sit in traffic. No, I'm not taking the Vespa -- again, I'm going to the city -- and until I get my license no freeway driving -- which is fine, more of the crazies on there.
Ok, everyone, play nicely today. I'm off to my meeting, lunch, then Costco -- shall I pick you up 4 pounds of soap while I'm there?


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