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Friday, May 05, 2006

My "First" Heel

*Note: When I typed the title, I typed "My 'First" Hell" which I happen to think is both funnier and probably a bit true.*

Ok, as it was pointed out to me last night, I am currently working on my 7th sock ever (3 complete pairs are done and in my sock drawer awaiting my feet). Now, in an effort to prove that I am not too old to learn new tricks, I'm trying out a new heel. Let me back up.

I used to think that KnitNik was insane for knitting socks. First, I will say, I've never said "but they are $3 at Wal-Mart," but I was a touch afraid of the small needles. Then she sent me handknit socks TWICE. The first pair were WAY too big and the second pair are pretty awesome. Now, (this will come as no surprise to Niki, nor anyone I think), I'm a touch competitive. No, really. I looked at the sock she sent me and thought -- hmm, I can do this. I pretty much dissected the sock to figure it out. Here's what I learn in my sock dissection:
  1. I need a longer "shaft" to my sock. I don't turn them down (Niki does -- but I like her anyway). I opposed the girly socks as a child with the ruffle, I oppose them now. Hence anything too short feels like it is falling down on me.
  2. I like the feel of the handknit sock --- but it could fit a bit snugger.
  3. The heel looks funky.
Actually the heel bothered the heck out of me. I decided then and there -- if that was the heel of a handknit sock, I'm not interested. I disliked the thick back portion tons. But I was intrigued by how many people make socks. Hmmm -- there's a challenge here somewhere. In a yarn shop one day (while I was being ignored by the sales staff -- HINT: not good), I found a book that showed me *MY* heel. Wow. It looked just like the heels in socks I already own -- trim, sleek, and with the lovely diagonal line. Ok, what do they call this --- Ah "Short Row Heel." Yippie.
Yarn store number 1 I went to, had never made a short row heel. No help.
Yarn store number 2 (Mecca we should call it -- but it is really Marin Fiber Arts) owner, says, "I love that heel -- I hate the other one too. I want my sock to look like a sock!!" Alrighty, I think I pink, puffy heart this guy. Ok, teach me. And teach me he did.
First sock, in Lorna's Laces Gold Hill -- short row heel and toe on 4 dpts. LOVE.
Second sock, in CSYE (cutest sock yarn ever) -- short row heel and toe on two circs. Love. Love the circs more.
Third sock in Socks that Rock Club Yarn -- short row heel with "normal" decreased toe on circs. -- I was getting tired of graphing 30+ stitches at the toe. Liked the toe a lot.
Now, I wanted to learn something new. So, being ever backwards, I decided sock #4 would have a heel flap. (I'm planning an afterthought heel at somepoint too). So, off I set.

Last night I got to the heel flap and raised the red flag and said, "Warren, HELP." I can read a pattern, but I'd increased the stitches to make a tighter fabric and didn't know how to fix the pattern. After Warren questioned my sanity, he helped.

Now, I'm on the gusset decreases and it doesn't totally suck -- though I have to say this heel seems to take longer than the other one. I don't fully see the magic that Niki used to tell me about -- but I don't hate it anymore. I'm thinking the tighter knitting on smaller needles is helping. I have some funky striping on the short row section -- I blame the handdyer (moi).

I promise photos in the next post -- it just isn't photographable right this second -- but I will get some shots.

In other news, let's send congratulations to our friend for getting a job at a yarn company. Snarkville is hoping for samples.


Blogger Polly said...

You know I feel like less of a knitter that I didnt get into the STR club. The whole reason I want in is for the cache value. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of straight men knitting or I could slee... use my feminine guiles to get access.

8:39 PM  

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