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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I knew this might happen

When I started this blog, I had a great fear that at some point I'd have nothing to say. I know it is hard to imagine that I'd be struck dumb by anything -- but today's blank page is kicking my blogging butt. I thought about walking away and trying to come back later, but I have some other things to do and need to cross this off my list. My blog mentor told me to commit to only blogging twice a week at first to see if I liked it. But I know myself well enough that if I start missing a day, this poor blog will go the way of all the blogs before it (yes, there were other blogs before -- they all died the death they deserved). So, as I was trying to fill the blank space, I got to thinking why I started this blog and perhaps why people blog in general.
I read a few blogs, many more do I scan once or twice before deciding that I can't add them to my must read list. The blogs I enjoy come into two basic categories, mommyblogs and knitting blogs (with a lovely sub-set of knitting blogs with cats, but again I digress). I would love to say that I had some deep purpose to writing this blog. Some thing worthy, like breaking into writing or a journey into self discovery. But alas, I fear I'm not so deep. The first blogs I wrote I was trying to say something. Trying to get some thing I wanted to say off my chest without saying it aloud -- but alas, it really doesn't work well. First, I got no real satisfaction over writing what I was thinking and the one person I was trying to avoid hurting by not saying it was hurt anyway -- so it died. But I wanted this blog to be different. I would hope it would be a little funny and occasionally thought provoking, but mostly I wanted it to be me. I didn't go into this blog with any agenda or hopes. I have nothing to prove or angst waiting to get out. I'm comfortable to chat about my life, my knitting, and my family. I am inspired by all the blogs I read daily and love when those I respect so much touch into my life. This I guess was my biggest hope -- that perhaps those I read all the time (and a few I've met along the way of blogging) would reach out. I'm giddy with the slice of attention -- and can't thank you readers enough. I'd drive to your house and hug you personally if it wasn't so weird and stalkerish.
Today is my one month blogaversary. (I feel like I'm in Jr. High again celebrating in months). Perhaps that is why I'm a little senitmental (can you imagine my blubering when I hit a year?) However, I thought it was a good time to say yes, I think this blog might live awhile. This feels good and right to me now. Thank you for joining me thus far and may May bring us new fodder and more snark.
Happy First Month.

PS. For those of you following the saga of the potty. I'm pleased to annouce that Duke only wore ONE pair of underpants from the time he got home from school until he went to bed. He used the potty too!
PPS. For those following the silk sweater saga, it is currently on hold until I figure out how to handle the bottom of the sleeves. I need another 40ish rows and I'm already through all my stripe patterns.
PPPS. For those following the cable sock saga, I've done about 7 cable repeats, they look great -- though they are at a point they seem to have stopped growing in length. I need to decide on a heel and then turn it.

Special note to my blog mentor: You know who you are. Thank you for telling me to go for it. Thank you so much. You are pretty.


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