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Thursday, April 20, 2006

When Frankenstein Builds a House

I live in "Frankenhouse" Yup. When a contractor does all the work on his very own house, this house is what you get. I have a house with 3 TOTAL phone jacks that work (Because of a mouse issue from years ago) and one of them is in the garage. I have a house that is missing window screens on 3 windows (two of them in bedrooms) and NO AC. I have a house that has a backyard that could use a little help -- if by a little you mean, "Fire and lots of it" -- over grown is an understatement. I have a house that has a completely NEW kitchen (with a very old stove) that is missing a cabinet door because it wasn't ordered correctly and should have been installed 6 months ago when we moved in. I have a house that the owners' insurance company was about to pull the insurance on because the spark catcher at the top of the chimney is SO old. I have a house with a backyard gate that is hanging by a RUSTY nail (I kid you not).
However, yesterday, the stars aligned, the sun was shinning, angels sung out with glee --- the spark catcher was replaced AND the unfinished cabinet door was picked up for finishing (with the promise of return by SATURDAY)!!!! Joy, Happy, Joy. Now if I can find screens for the windows before summer and try to figure out how to put up a ceiling fan in the one bedroom (Duke's) that is missing one -- life may be perfect in my little Frankenhouse.


Blogger badmommy said...

We live in a Frankenhouse too. Contractors should never be allowed to work on their own homes. Electrical outlets are upside down. Windows in the same room didn't match. Spare wood (unmatching) was used to create a built-in bookcase in the family room. Corkboard on the walls. Washer and drier in the kitchen. We've fixed most of it in the last 12+ years but we occasionally find some new quirk that the previous owners left for us. Does no one take pride in their work any more?

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