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Thursday, April 13, 2006

What's on the Needles today in Snarkville

If you knit or even know a knitter, then you may be aware that we are an odd bunch of folks. We are in love with fiber -- to the point we are often seen stroking it in public and rubbing it on our little faces. We love other people's work and will follow a stranger in an effort to figure out a cable pattern. Like I said, we are an odd lot.

I would love to think that everyone is like this with the hobby they love -- but I seem to notice this with knitters more than anyone else. But there are very few of us who can work on only one project at a time. We get bored with little yarn and little needles and need something that flys off fat needles with fat yarn -- so alas, we have many things going on at once. In addition, we tend to like to share our WIPs (Works in Progress) with others in an effort to finish them and have other people admire them. (Don't think we don't LOVE to hear how good we are at knitting or that we for a minute think that everyone can knit as well as we can -- I'm sorry, we knitters are a proud lot who know we can do things that most people won't and enjoy every minute of the pride and need even more glory.)

So without more explaination, here are a few of my current pieces. As of this second, I don't have socks on any needles -- which is only slightly giving me heartburn; but here's what we have:
1. A sweater made of Artfibers, Gypsy. This is 100% silk and feels great on the fingers and I do have to stop and pet it a few times. I'm making a simple sweater in the round (gotta love no seams) from the top down. This sweater will evenually be in brown, white, and orange. Thus far it is flying off the needles. I've just done my last increase row for the yoke and have ten even rows to knit before the divide for the sleeves, front, and back.

2. This is my first shot at fair isle. It is the Misty bag from MagKnits and thus far I'm doing ok with it. I'm using Karokoe yarn in two shades and preying that it felts as well as people tell me. It is 50% wool and 50% soy silk and will become a favorite yarn, if it felts well, as it is the softest thing to play with, next to the silk above.

That's it -- I think 2 posts in one day is enough for me -- but I was too proud not to share my little knitting items. Don't worry, I won't call at 2am to declare them complete and how wonderful it might be to look/pet/gawk at them. I'll wait until at least 4am ;)


Blogger Sarah said...

Note about Karaoke yarn....put it in a pillow case when felting because that stuff LINTS like you would not believe.

You could seriously stuff a small teddy bear with the lint.

Don't want you to wreck your washer.

11:40 AM  
Anonymous The Queen said...

Thanks for the tip. I always use a pillowcase anyway -- just in case. I had a purse come out of the bag --- and boy was there lint EVERYWHERE. I finally had to shave the bag at the towels I was using to felt it.
But at the current pace I'm knitting that bag, it won't be felted before fall. Oh, well.

2:39 PM  

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