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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

So Brain, what are we going to do tonight?

No adult human interaction in just about 3 straight days has left me with very little to post about this morning. Yes, you read that correctly -- I am a hermit. Not really, it is just that I am a WAHM (wow, I never knew I was a dyslexic pop band from the 80's), and with a child under 3, I don't get out nearly as much as one would hope.
So, instead of a real snarky post about how Duke has the ability to entertain himself up until the moment the phone rings and I need to do a little business; or how Prince, away on his business trip actually told me that he wasn't attending the dinner or the afternoon session tonight, but can't possibly come home a day early -- even if it would mean I'd get a sitter so I can get out of the house for that afore mentioned adult interaction. No, I'm not pissy or anything. Look something shiny.
However, I thought I'd share what my plan is for today. It is my top secret, totally for me plan for the day. I am going to reward myself for doing a few things that are needed in this house by taking myself to the movies this afternoon. Yes, an afternoon movie on a Tuesday -- I know how to have fun or what, right? But yes, I happen to love to sit in old candy and become deaf as I watch a movie --- LOVE.IT. I can't even believe I'm going to do it -- but I just can't contain myself, I'm that excited about it. Yes, I'm going to see something fairly trashy and not at all meaningful -- isn't that what the movies are all about? Is it not brain candy and therefore the mental equivalent to marshmallow fluff? And that's why I'm going to the movies today.
Last question I have is what will I knit while I'm there?


Anonymous Angelika said...

I came over from the Knittalk list to read your new blog...but unfortunately dark blue writing on darkbrown back ground does not allow it.....too bad...
I wish you blog success....

Mexico City

3:13 PM  

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