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Thursday, April 06, 2006

All Alone in Snarkville

Yup, it seems that Prince has left for a week for some random conference thingie this morning. I took Duke to school this morning and came home to an empty house. While I normally work all day from an empty house, this time it seemed really weird. I mean I totally left in the middle of chaos with my whole family here. Duke and I sang all the way to school and then he melted down and didn't want me to leave once we got there. Then I came home to an empty house. Poop.

Ok, so moving on to the whole point. I went to my weekly knitting group last night. Oh, my -- how wonderful. I go to two different knit nights, so that I end up going weekly. But I was thinking of giving up one of them, because frankly one of the women annoyed me. So, I took the whole month of March off -- truly, I had an insanely busy month and couldn't have made it if I tried. Well, since Prince wasn't going to be home on Thursday (my preferred knitting group), I went to the second string of knitting groups last night. Can I just say that I had a blast! The annoying woman was there, she just wasn't as annoying. But the best part was that I finished my socks. But that's not all. I had started a fair-isle handbag (my first shot at Fairisle and frankly, it didn't go well at first). I failed to read instructions well (which should be surprising since I'm not a man and all -- but alas) and ended up with a mess by the 6th row. So, last night, I ripped out the whole 6 rows (times 150ish stitches) and started over. Shockingly, once focusing on the actual directions and not just glancing at them, I am actually back to where I ripped and still in pattern. So, perhaps my next project will be finishing this handbag, before I work on the 12 or so pairs of socks I need to do -- and let's not discuss the 2 sweaters I have to knit. Oh, and I've yet to knit anything for anyone other than myself -- which is all going to change, I have some yarn that is destined to become socks for a blogfriend of mine. She may get the first of my gift items. However, I have old neighbors who are adopting two of the most sweet and adorable children and I think they might get my first scarves and hats --- though socks may go to them too.


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