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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Welcome to Snarkville

Recently, I had myself described as "Snarky" I happen to love this word, I used the required three times and now I own it. Come to find out, snarkiness is a polite way of saying "bitchy". Hmmm, compliment or not? I tend to think of snarkiness as not so much bitchy as more a cynical view of the world around us. A view that will look at most situations as half empty glasses and wonder where the beer went. I want to believe that snarky is my own personal brand of humor, but I wonder if the people around me get my form of sarcasm is mixed with mild bitch. I fear that far too many miss the true sarcasm in my commentary and hence declare that I'm a total bitch. I'm truly only part bitch and any decent psychotherapist would see that the bitch part is really the candy coating protecting my gooey nugget center.

So, truly I welcome you to Snarkville. I consider myself the Queen of Snarkville and I know that out there are many princes and princesses, but I am the Queen. There's a little more about me and my kingdom in that little "About Me" thingie. Read and enjoy.


Anonymous Mir said...

More, more! But, um, no pressure! ;)

3:19 PM  

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