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Monday, April 10, 2006

My house is quiet again...

Yes, the weekend alone without the Prince has been more than a little trying. After the Target experience, we had a fairly decent Saturday afternoon and evening -- though Duke did NOT want to go bed. That night he slept in THREE (yes, I said three) diapers. You see the night before, my dear, sweet, odd child wet his diaper when he was awake enough to notice and was kind enough to take it off. Not being able to find anything to replace it, he went to bed diaperless. Let's leave my morning as, "Wow, his comforter, sheets, and mattress pad all fit in the washer at the same time." and move on. So, we talked about his wet diaper and I offered him a pull-up that he could reach to put on should he wet his diaper and I moved on. Saturday night came, I was putting jammies on the child and Duke insisted on wearing a pull-up to bed --- now, he is NOT potty trained. He is at the very beginnings of THINKING about potty training. He pees ALOT at night -- more than a pull-up can hold. Faced with more laundry, I decided to put the regular diaper on him, but in compromise fashion, I put his pull-up OVER the regular diaper. This worked. He asked for the replacement pull-up that we spoke about that morning and I laid it out for him. When I went to check on him at 11pm and pull his covers up, I noticed he had added the pull-up to the mix of pants. Needless to say, I needed to do no laundry Sunday morning.

Sunday, however, was tougher. We got through the morning (with a few potty accidents and much angst on my part) and Duke decided to eat his body weight in Nutra Grain bars, and not oh, lunch. But happily went off to take his nap. When he woke up, he was happy as a clam and grabbed my jacket and informed me we should "Go" Where he wanted to go I have no idea, but we finally got dressed for the day and went. We ended up at a park for a bit and he had a blast -- and I got the side benefit of wearing him out. But I have to say, that at 7pm when he went to bed, I was one tired Mama.

So, all of that long story to say, my house is quiet. I took Duke to school and came home to a quiet little house. I was productive in that I took out the trash and made myself breakfast. I plan to get fully dressed (I always wonder if school realizes that I just throw a pair of jeans on and take him in -- or if they think I am this poor a dresser) and running two or three little errands. I want to melt into my couch and just might if given the chance. But, shhh, I plan on sneaking out tomorrow afternoon and going to a movie by myself -- just cause. I'm in love with the idea and can't wait.

On the knitting front, I had such a rocky day yesterday, that I feel the only way to re-cover is to cast on a silk sweater I want to make. After being anal about the stripe pattern and using Excel to sort through what looks best (here's hoping I have enough stripes to make it), I have cast on. Only to learn a valuable lesson --- Addi Turbos are bigger than my interchangeables. This is key on two fronts. One, I was going to use the 2 circ method to knit this sweater entirely in the round -- it will look a bit funny if the front is looser than the back. Two, my gauge swatch was done on my interchangables and I'd have to completely re-figure gauge on the Addis if I continue -- not to mention buying more Addis (which, frankly, is that all that much of an issue? I mean to buy knitting tools? Go to a yarn shop and smell and fondle yarn? So, not my biggest problem today). So, there in lies my problem --- to knit this on Addis, for which I'd need to buy new (probably smaller ones) or knit it on the interchangables and then there is what to do about the sleeve? I know in relation to world peace this doesn't rank very high, but to me -- it is up there with going to the grocery store.

Prince update: He returns on Wednesday morning. I'm still short a sitter for Tuesday evening, which probably means I will not be attending -- but I'll live with that, if I go to the movies Tuesday afternoon -- I may have all the "Me" time I can stand.

Sunday is Easter -- and I've not put ONE single thing into Duke's basket (heck, I don't even have a basket for him). I know, I gotta get cracking.


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