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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Trapped in Snarkville

Oh, someone out there please pay the ransom -- I'm trapped. Ok, so I may be a wee bit melodramatic. Sue me.

Prince came home yesterday is one of those truly fabulous moods. His plane arrived at 9:44am and by the time you catch the mass transit to the 7th circle of hell, named long term parking, he discovered that his car battery was dead. No biggie, he walks to the call box -- only to discover that it is DEAD. He attempts to get help in several ways, but ends up walking to the complete other end of hell and gets a jump and heads home. He thought he had left the parking lights on or something. The hour drive home, should have been enough to re-charge the battery and everything be perfect, right? Wrong.

This morning, Prince and Duke head out to work and school. I wave goodbye with my coffee in my hand and thinking thoughts like "uninterrupted shower" and "total complete quiet" and "extra 30 minutes in bed". Then Prince screams for me -- seems the car battery is still dead and he's going to take my car -- except that the sunroof popped open on his car and since it is raining, he needs to jump it enough to get the roof closed. No problem. "You need me? No? Oh, ok" I go back to bed --- he needs me. Seems that the jumper cables we have aren't long enough to reach between the two cars in the driveway -- so we need to push his car out onto the street to do this --- no problem. With this jump, the car clicks and all sorts of lights go on and off -- but in fact the car DOES NOT START. So, now we have a dead car half in the street and can't push it back in the driveway because it is UPHILL. Now, normal, logical people would be on the phone with their auto club -- but my dear, darling hubby had to put a few things in the car (read: mess with the electrical system of the car) and he needs to pull them out before we can have it towed for work to be done to it. No problem, except he and Duke need to be at school and work today and "Sweetie, do you need the car today?" No -- I'll live. Hence, trapped in Snarkville.

Now, there's been discussion here that this could be a normal reaction to the Tax Refund gods who require things to break and cost the total of the refund to fix if you even think about spending the refund on something just for you. I'm not sure how I pissed off those gods -- since we put our refund into the savings account for our future. But maybe being solvent for another month was too frivolous to consider. Or, perhaps this is a warranty item and I won't have to worry about it. More to come tomorrow -- probably while I wait for the car to be fixed.


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