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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Hazy Shades of Yellow Underpants

These are a few ramblings at the end of my day. Enjoy.

1. Movie? in the middle of the day on Tuesday? yep, it was wonderful. Yes, it was me and this highly annoying woman behind me, but it was so like eating chocolate for dinner. I saw the teen movie, "She's the Man" (yup, I'm ill that way). As I walked into the theater, I thought this isn't all that safe if you think about it -- sound proof room, no one really here -- dark. But I tried to put out of my mind that there was the chance of a psycho behind me and enjoy the movie. I got exactly 5 rows on a shawl I'm working on done -- it is growing from the point up -- so the rows are now REALLY, REALLY long. The movie is lame and predicitible -- but it has funny moments and is exactly what I love in escapist teem drama/comedy. Plus it is based on 12th Night, which is a play I did in college and I love the storyline.

2. It has poured here AGAIN. I'm getting webbed feet. My dog has constant 'wet dog' smell. I need to see the sun. I need to dry out again. It was raining when I walked the block and a half to get to the theater. It was raining when I left the theater. It was raining when I picked up Duke from school (who walked insanely slowly from school to the car and stopped to ponder the drops on his head -- URGH). It was raining when I got back home. I'm still wet.

3. And in reference to the title -- I'm dealing with wet underpants. Yes, in the midst of potty training hell here in Snarkville. It seems Duke has mastered telling me AFTER he goes -- which means we are averaging 2 pairs of training pants an evening. I'm 90% sure that my plan of training pants at home is a good one, because in the past two days I've seen him start to get it -- including running into the bathroom to potty on his own -- but he didn't go. So little progress, yet so much laundry.

4. The Prince returns to Snarkville tomorrow. Need I say more? Perhaps I won't be snarky tomorrow --- nope, probably not possible.


Blogger Sarah said...

Oh I feel your potty training pain.

If you don't use the cloth underpants, they just use those crazy pull ups just like diapers and you get nowhere.

Good luck with potty training. I am finished and it is such a good thing.

11:44 AM  

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