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Friday, April 14, 2006

Can you tell me why....

...if you know I need my car on a flatbed to the shop, WHY would the tow company send a normal tow truck out to TELL me that the flatbed doesn't run until 8am???? And don't answer that they didn't know they could call --- they knew both that I was at home AND my number.

The tow truck guy (who smelled vaguely, or completely like SKUNK) told me that with these longer tows many people don't go with their cars -- so he was hoping to get my information and let me go on my way --- SO -- perhaps this wasn't all that weird --- but I was delighted they we here in 20 minutes --- but sad when it turned into a wait until 8am.

Now, why couldn't the two truck driver just have TAKEN the flat bed instead of the other truck???

These are the questions that haunt me at night.


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