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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter, everyone

Yup, the bunny has dropped his, um, droppings(?) off at our little home and I have one little boy who is on such a sugar high it is likely we won't see him come down for a week. The breakfast of champions that he had this morning was 1 Nutra-Grain bar; 3 containers of yogurt; and 4 Hershey Kisses. He followed this with 2 cups of milk and has been flying high ever since. Now this may not sound like a horrible breakfast, if you didn't know that Duke doesn't really eat. In fact, I've never seen a child turn up their nose at as much food as Duke can. At one point he only ate five foods -- now we have made it back to closer to 10 or 12 -- but what a long time coming. And most of what he does eat is JUNK. Now, at first this bugged me. I didn't want a kid to fight his weight his whole life -- but at some point (probably day 5 of the hunger strike he put himself on); I gave in. My feeling at this point is calories are calories and we will deal with veggies at some point.

However, I thought I'd share Duke's Easter Basket with you all. the reason it is on the kitchen counter is that our dog is a chocolate hound and will find and eat chocolate at every opportunity. He even followed Duke around when he was eating the kisses hoping for it to fall. The eggs with Dinos on them have matchbox cars inside (isn't our Easter Bunny pretty cool?) And yes, those are Thomas the Tank Engine underpants -- doesn't everyone get underwear in their Easter Basket?

Well, happy Easter folks. I'm off to go bite the ears off marshmellow peep bunnies --- which are my favorite Easter candy!


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