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Thursday, April 27, 2006

I am NOT going for my morning walk today.

Nope, can't make me.

First, I can't find any of the four pairs of workout pants I own other than the gross ones I've worn for the past three days.
Second, my butt is still sore and I'm not at all thrilled with that.
Thirdly, I have a ton of laundry to do -- see point the first.
Fourthly, I just don't want to.
Finally, You can't make me.

So, instead I will make my pot of coffee; continue to wash the mountain of laundry that I have, and consider putting on pants before I head off to work. Thrilling huh?

I started the sock last night. I so need a traveling sock for all the stuff I'm doing over the next months -- perhaps I need many traveling socks. (Am I the only person that wonders if the Yarn Harlot can make a sock in 16 hours -- it is in her Knitting Rules book -- then why doesn't her traveling sock ever seem to grow when she's on the road? I think I would have at least turned the heel by now) But alas, back to me. I have begun a traveling sock.

This is one of my Kool-Aid dyed yarns from when Niki was here. I think if she could have squeezed it into her suitcase (it was a bit full of yarn) she might have tried to sneak this one out of here. I'm loving the colors even more as I knit them. There is no funky striping or pooling -- which of course makes me thrilled and requires that I show it off). I'm doing the cable and rib pattern by Nancy Bush from Interweave. Since I have yet to do a cable, I'm ok -- but I don't own a cable needle small enough -- so I must force myself to purchase a cable needle -- the horror. You know, because I HATE to sit in yarn shops and see yarn AND tools, it is so difficult to put up with touching yummy, soft yarns. See some of you tonight at Knit Night!!

In a recent development (a phone call 20 seconds ago), I have learned that my last, missing cabinet door will be installed today between 11am and noon. So, I'm thinking that may mean pants are in order. But -- one thing off the list of Frankenhouse -- hmmm, I've lived here 7 months and one item is off the list -- I thinking the whole house will be done by the time we move out, right?


Anonymous Niki said...

Ugg - yarn envy! Must have kool-aid yarn! Seriously, it's gorgeous and I can't wait until we can get together and do more. We obviously need to plan for more time and more yarn.

Oh - and instead of a cable needle, couldn't you just use one of the dangling needles from the other set? Just a thought. Might not work, but I'm at work (unlike some people) and people might fuss if I pull out the knitting.

7:51 AM  
Blogger badmommy said...

Want in on a (not-so-well-kept) secret? I have no fewer than 5 pairs of socks on needles right now. The number would be even higher if Warren had had another set of 2's for sale when I was in on Sunday!

Also: The next time you and Niki dye yarn, I'd love to invite myself along!

9:42 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

Yes, I will post the recipe.

Can you email me at sbridger3 at cox dot net??

Then I will have your email on file.


9:02 AM  

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