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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I got my schedule and it isn't pretty

If you read me for any length of time at all, you know I go to great lengths to keep my life, well private. I go to great lengths, until you click on that little link that reads "Day Job" and you can reach right out and touch me for real -- but that's just because I'm a ho and need to keep up with my bills on occasion. Anyway, look something shiney.
Well, I feel I must pull back the curtain this one time to share with you the Queen's schedule for the summer months. I really want to have a personal secretary to help me keep up with it all -- or hey, just someone who will pack, launder, and re-pack -- truly, I'm easy to please. Some of this stuff is REALLY exciting too. I can't wait to do 95% of it, it's just I will be required to don real shoes and not my fuzzy slippers to do all of this. Ok, so here it goes.

26th (yes, tonight): Mother's Club Meeting
27th: Knit Night
29th: Hired a sitter, we are going to the city to have dinner with my husband's car club folks
30th: Car club event -- a drive, some food, some ad agency will be there too.

4th: Knit Night
10th: Tour and lunch on a Holland America ship in port for the day.
11th: Breakfast with Oceania Cruise Line
11th evening: Knit Night
14th: Mother's Day -- while I must remember to buy the Queen Mum (and two grandmums) cards and such -- I already HAVE placed the order for MY gift -- a delightful, handmade jewelry box (perhaps for my birthday I'll get new jewelry to put in it :)
17th: Board the NCL America's newest ship, Pride of Hawaii for a 2 day cruise to nowhere. Will be way cool and was by invite only. (Feeling special here)
19th: Return home from cruise
25th: Knit Night
26th: Depart to head to the Queen Mum's home for Memorial Day weekend
31st: Board Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas for a 2 day cruise to nowhere -- these seem popular, huh?

2nd: Head from the ship to Club Med for 4 days (and this is really work)
7th: Return home.
8th: Knit Night
15th: Knit Night
22nd: Knit Night
28th: Depart to Seattle for more training with Holland America (may leave on the 27th -- haven't fully decided yet) But a good friend of mine from AZ will be my room mate -- so all is getting better.

2nd: Return from Seattle

Then life can calm down a bit until October when the family take a 7 day cruise to Mexico. And then's there visitors coming in August and us needing to leave over the holidays -- my word, I'm pooped just typing all this.

So, who's up for becoming my personal assistant?? I don't pay and my life isn't glamorous, but I knit -- perhaps I can pay you in socks?


Blogger badmommy said...

Just wait till the Duke starts school and you have to factor in all the field trips, play dates, PTA meetings, school fundraisers, etc., etc., etc. :-)

9:25 PM  

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