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Friday, April 21, 2006

Happy Friday.

Wow -- I really can't fathom that it is really Friday. Since I thought Tuesday should have been Thursday, you can imagine I've had a bit of a long week.
I became a hand model in yesterday's Marin Independant Journal. I'm getting a back copy since the photo of my hands is not online --- I promise to take a photo of the COVER shot to share. But I have to say it was very, very cool.
Knit Night, last night, was fun and snarky as usual. Actually, in a way I think we were more bonded because of the article and really enjoyed the evening better. There is a Farmer's Market right outside the shop on Thrusdays. While it is pretty cool to have food vendors (though I think I had the WORST Thai Iced Tea last night -- ICK), there is a band that plays --- literally 20 feet from the front door. It seems there may be a different entertainer weekly, and I do hope this guy doesn't come back. He seemed to believe he could make up for poor playing and no voice with SHEER VOLUME. Now, as one who is tone deaf, I can understand the finer points of volume over talent -- but I'm an accomplished tone deaf person, who knows the far greater benefits to "mouthing the words" over actual noise. Perhaps I should train others?
Anyway, the first sleeve has be begun on my sweater. Big shout of thanks to the bad mommy who brought me more orange yarn. I can't wait to wear my soon to be new sweater.


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