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Friday, April 21, 2006

Things and More Things

You know, this always happens to me. I sit down to post something to my blog and I think, Hmm, do we think this is funny or interesting or oh, worth spending calories to type? (yes, I refer to myself in the royal third person, want to make something of it?) Well, then I type something of vague interest to me at least and perhaps someone might get a snicker out of it. Then, I look out the window and when I stop thinking I should wash that window with all the nose prints on it, I see *IT* -- the thing I should have blogged about. The thing that is actually funny, interesting, and worth my time and calories. Ready?

I have a GANG in my backyard. Yes, it is a wild gang, take no prisoners, probably vicious. I have a gang of cats in my backyard. Now, in previous installments of Snarkville, you have learned that my backyard is a bit overgrown. You may also know that we have a neighborhood cat (we like to refer to it as "Scary Cat") who likes to come visit (read stalk) my back yard. This cat freaks me out, because at first glance it is a tabby - blue point mix that has potential of beauty. Then you take a second glance a realize that a) it is UGLY beyond belief and b) it is looking at you with that "Leave your door or window open for a second and I'm coming in and making myself at home." look. Yes, I have a small fear of this Cujo-esque cat.
This is Scary Cat, as seen in the fall, in our backyard. He is sitting on the table my dog uses to hop up to the steep slope of a backyard we have to do his dog thing.

This is what I saw out of the kitchen window this afternoon. What is shocking is that this cat is a PERFECT cross between my eldest ginger tabby (who is indoors all the time) and my in-laws' rag doll orange tabby. And he/she kept looking at me, like it wanted to be my best friend and sleep in my bed tonight UNDER my covers with me. He looked sweet and kind and made me want to go pet him -- and he looked perfectly content under his little tree in the shade --- enjoying his cat nap.

So as I was enjoying the "conversation" with this orange guy's eyes, I saw something that was grey and furry off to the side. Hmmm, I wonder if he'd caught himself a mouse or something -- then it moved -- freaked me out a bit; but I watched. And found cat #3 in our backyard. This one is a cross between the orange guy and Scary Cat. I got this one shot of him as my angle was a bit bad when he was napping in the bushes -- and I wasn't going to actually go outside to visit. I'm guessing I made some noise in my opening a window to get a good shot -- and out from that one bush came THREE cats running across my back yard and out the gate. THREE WHOLE CATS. With the three that live in luxury inside the house, that means there were a total of 6 cats within 20 square feet. I have just become THAT crazy cat lady (and bonus plan, I knit too --- so I'm thinking if Prince ever walks, my chances of landing any other man are somewhere in the snowball and Hell's chances).
Let me tell you that it is pretty freaky to see herding cats -- I was unaware they were pack like animals -- but I have them. So do you think they look vicious enough to keep the field mouse population away from my house?


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