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Monday, May 01, 2006

Then there was Sunday

Yes, I know this weekend in review is going on FOREVER -- but I swear things happened, which is rare in my world and please, let me just pretend to feel like I have a life.

So, on Sunday we all piled into the car to an advertising agency who was sponsoring a drive for my husband's car club. It included breakfast and lunch -- so we thought why not. Ok, there was only a HUGE number of cars and Duke posed in front of a bunch of cars and we ate -- Duke at his body weight in yogurt (from the Yoplait cup without a mess I might brag a bit). Then we set off on the drive.

Two little turns into the drive, we heard the worst clunking sound EVER. It was horrible. After a few "what the's" later we pulled over. Prince looked back thinking we were going to find tire parts in the road -- but no -- he found the oil filler cap in the middle of the road. Double checking the engine -- we found a light film of oil over everything. Ok, abort the drive and go in search of oil -- special oil, on a Sunday no less. Oil found, everything ok -- we needed something to do to kill time in order to get lunch --- so we found a park in the hot sun and let Duke run wild for a bit. See?Moving on we returned home to FrankenHouse -- only to be greeted by the fact we don't have AC -- and we didn't leave the windows open. Literally all three of us laid around sweating waiting for the house cool down until 8pm. Today, I kept the house open all day and it was a completely different experience. I still wonder if it might be worth it to look into a few window ACs, or a block of ice -- one or the other.
Lastly sidenotes from the weekend.
Perhaps I have found a friend to go on the 2 day Pride of Hawaii cruise with me -- totally cool.

I tried to knit while watching the sunset -- but the wind was SO cold that I was shaking. However, during dinner, I had to run to the bathroom. (To put it politely, it was not the kind of bathroom experience you like having in public restrooms.) So, since I was stuck in the potty for too long -- I knitted. So let's add to the oddest places I've knit a public potty. See, I have no shame.


Anonymous Niki said...

OK, knitting in the car and on a plane: guilty. Movies, concerts, sporting events, church events: guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty. Local artsy events and at the beach: yep, even them. And yes, I'm the crazy lady who sits by herself in the library and knits. Even in bed. But never - ever - on the potty. Hmm, I'll have to try it. My family can't think I'm any more nuts than they already do, right?

11:21 AM  

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