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Sunday, May 07, 2006

And it isn't even Christmas Eve

You know that old story where the parents are putting together a bike on Christmas Eve and are frustrated with it by 4am when the kids are stirring? Yes? Good, this isn't that story at all. While I'd love to tell you that there were thrown tools and temper tantrums -- nope, not much at all. Prince put Duke's tricycle together this morning.
Duke is thrilled -- though he can barely touch the pedals when they are the farthest away from him; he can't remember to steer, and he can get from stop to start -- but forgets he must keep going. However, he was very cute!!!

In other news, we are still discussing the Vespa. Do keep in mind, we are talking about short rides to town (I live in a SMALL town -- not a city at all) and next to no highway riding. I'd love to rent to see if we like it, but alas, there are rules preventing us from renting one --- longish story, but basically to many people in Prince's work were getting drunk and renting them on vacation -- it is now completely unacceptable. Trust me, we don't fight the system here. But we can own! So that's ok. I'm going to get my permit tomorrow am, provided I'm not so dumb as to not be able to pass the written test. Prince will probably get his Tuesday. Then I'm to get a sitter on Saturday, while we run back to the dealer and take a couple out on a test drive -- we are debating over two models and wish to compare. I'll let you know then, if we buy one -- and how I'm going to break it to my parents -- they've been classically against 2 wheels -- but I think my mum digs Vespas -- who knows. And YES, we would be taking the safety course too.

In an answer to Polly who wondered if this may change my royal image. I need to remind the masses that once the Queen of England owned a Mini Cooper --- she also drove a double-decker bus during WWII. So, I think it may just make me more human to the citizens of Snarkville. However, I'm already wondering what scarf will look the best flowing from my neck.

Finally, spring has sprung in Snarkville. Proof would be the 100's of Roses blooming all over my "overgrown" yard. However, (in classic DebR style), I wish to leave you with this photo:This is a sprout from my neighbor's tree -- growing from the picnic table in the backyard. I think this proves that there is magic in that yard allowing anything and everything to grow --- but we are leaving the tree to see how big it will grow --- perhaps it will become a design feature of the table.


Blogger Polly said...

It was not missed by your readers that poor Duke's trike reading difficulties are followed by your Vespa talk. I hope that Duke has not gotten is natural skills from the Queen. Otherwise the Queen is how should I say it, screwed.

3:51 PM  
Blogger The Queen said...

Duke's abilities should not be judged by these one shot -- keep in mind he isn't quite tall enough to reach (the tricycle seems larger than I remember mine being when I was his age). And I could ride my trike very well, thank you very much.

4:33 PM  

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