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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Did you see the balloons?

First I want to thank my friends who are cheering me up so much for the what could be listed a truly a very, bad day. I have thrown myself a huge pity party -- there were balloons, did you see them?-- and I'm feeling better. But it is only 7am there's so much time.

Let's get the bitching over so we can move to the good stuff:
I think I'm getting sick. I woke up with all the fun drainage that is the early warning signs that by Thursday I'll be miserable. However, I'm the mommy so we all know that life will not stop long enough for me to die quietly in my bed.
Duke is not feeling great; but while I'm still planning on taking him to the doctor, I have a feeling we may be working on that last molar and not an ear infection --- only because my mommy gut says so -- oh, that and the crying all night long. Yes, I sent him to school this morning because I have a meeting and I know my doctor's office won't see him until late this afternoon or tomorrow. I'll be calling at 9am on the dot when they open.

Now on to the good stuff:

First the Socks that Rock Box.

Now, I'm about to say the worst thing ever. The sock pattern SUCKS. Sorry. I love the yarn (even with the little bit of purple in it); I love the emergency sock yarn; I even love the "love note" from Blue Moon. However, I think the pattern is one of the ulgiest things I've ever seen. Now in its defense, I do NOT wear ankle socks. I hated them as a kid, I don't wear them now. And this pattern has a linen stitch ankle which is worked flat and then stitches are picked up on one long side joined and knit the foot of the sock. Now, I'm completely interested in the linen stitch, so much so that I'm thinking of completely altering the pattern to use the linen stitch in the round for the ankle --- thus making it longer and eliminating the buttons. Thoughts? Do we think the linen stitch will work as the leg of a sock?

But back to the good. After posting last night, I knitted a bit on my fair isle bag, which is coming along. I think in a way I knew I needed yarn time. I also am enjoying watching a huge number of taped movies that we TIVO'd on a recent free movie weekend. Warning, my NetFlix is well over 100 movies and I'm mostly watching what was out three and four years ago. So, I watched a few movies and knitted away. I feel better, though I'm still taking a few more Advil than I like to take, because frankly, my back HURTS. (and I'm a wee bit concerned about the shower I'm about to take.)

Finally, I have a sweet Duke story to share, to prove I'm not a puddle of self-pity and I didn't move from Snarkville to Pity World. So, we are seeing my folks at the end of this week and Duke needs a haircut -- so he'd look good in the 9 billion photos which will be taken. So, I took him Sunday afternoon to get his haircut. I tried a new place, but they had closed 15 minutes earlier, so back to the standby of Supercuts. I walk in and see a waiting room full of people. I put Duke's name on the list and was told the wait would be an hour or more. So I thought we'd go home to wait. But Duke didn't want to leave. I got him out and we ran a few errands. (now please remember he's two -- three in August). We go to the pet store for kitty litter. They have little kid carts there, so he got his own cart and we played follow the leader through the store. I picked up a thing of litter and Duke tried to pick one up too -- only it was too big, funny but too heavy. We then toured the fish, the cats, the gerbils, and the birds. But Duke was doing great at following the leader -- something new for him. Then we took the litter to the car and he stomped in rain puddles while I loaded the car. Then to Trader Joe's for a bit. Duke helped me carry my muffins and gave them to the checker. He told me he wanted to pay, so I gave him a $5 and he got change like a big boy. He was so proud -- you could see the little chest puff out and everything. So back we go to get the haircut. He waited as well as any 2 year old can -- including knocking down an entire section of hair product. But he got his turn. He sat up straight and good -- so thrilled to get his hair cut he was. Then out of the blue he looks at me and says, "Balloon." (which he gets there after a cut) I said, "Yes, sweetie you can get a balloon when we are done. Hold still please." He grabbed his head to try to hold it still. I snorted hair laughing. Then a girl walks in and gets a purple balloon. Duke says (as the stylist has a lock of his hair cutting). "I done. I want purple balloon." We were still getting the last bits trimmed as he was getting down from the chair. But he got his purple balloon. He was so proud he wanted to take it to school yesterday morning. Maybe next time I'll let him -- since maybe he can shove the purple balloon in the mouth of the bitter.

So, did you see the balloons? Who knew purple balloons are all that are needed to make someone happy -- oh to be two again!


Blogger badmommy said...

I am so jealous of the Socks that Rock yarn. I can't believe I was so short-sighted (read: cheap) that I didn't sign up for the Club when they were still accepting memberships. Next time I'll know better.

So sorry everybody's not well at your house - you're right that mommies aren't allowed to be sick and in my opinion that just sucks.

We were on the other end of the biting thing. I was getting notes in our parent pocket for months saying that C had bit another kid. I was horrified but the day care people were great - said it was a normal thing during that transition where kids are learning to talk and are frustrated when they're not understood. They worked really hard with him to get him to knock it off - lots of behavior modification and efforts to get him to use his words, etc. He bit me a couple of times too. We ALL watched him pretty carefully for awhile there. In keeping with my Bad Mommy personality, I was THRILLED when I finally started getting notes in the parent pocket that said C had been bit by another child. I figured it was a karma thing and that he was only getting what he deserved. Maybe the Duke would like to come over and work out his feelings by biting C? :-)

Hope you're feeling better. I'm off tomorrow and would be happy to take the Duke off your hands for a bit if you'd like a nap. No biting, I promise.

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uh-oh. I better get a move on this package for you. It seems like you need some goodies.

About the biting, since Duke's almost three see if he can be moved to a room with 3 year olds. There shouldn't be any biting going on there. The biter isn't able to express his/her angry with word so out come the fangs. Anywho. If they have a separate room for 3 year olds, I say push for a transition to the 3s room. Take care and take some time for yourself.

Your Secret Pal

6:53 AM  
Anonymous Niki said...

Fortunately we didn't have too much of the biting stuff with ours, though #1 bit once in response to someone throwing sand in her hair (she knew it meant a bath, which she hated, but didn't have the words to respond, so she bit!), and #2 seemed to think it fun to try out her new teeth on Mommy while nursing. Let me just say, it explains a lot about her now - I'm sure the shrieks warped her for life.

As I told you before, these daycare people suck. They are expecting rational behavior and reasoning from 2 year olds. There is a reason 2 year olds need to be watched at every moment - they're all about me me me, and if you do something they don't like, they react with "they're hurting me, I'll hurt them." They're 2! Now - will the teachers know you're observing, because they may choose today to give Duke the royal treatment if they know. I'm hoping the director is smart enough to know better, but you never can tell.

I did tell Mark last night about Duke holding his head still, and he just cracked up, saying he could just see Duke doing that. And perhaps yelling "mahk, mahk, mahk" at the same time?

Hang in there, it will get better. And no, don't knit your dad black socks. That would not be fun.

10:22 AM  

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