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Monday, May 15, 2006

I have SSS, I think

Yes, I've heard of the dreaded SSS (Second Sock/Sleeve Syndrome, for my non-knitter friends). I heard of it, but I'm not sure I believed it. Afterall, in my desperate attempts to avoid it, I simply put the first completed sock on my one foot (thus leaving second foot chilled) and cast on the next sock. However, I had not up until yesterday met a sock that entirely refused to grow anymore. I don't think my first sock took me as long to complete as this my 7th. But here it is, the ONE sock:
I think it is the cables every 8 rows. But boy am I glad to be done with sock number 1. But eventhough I finished this sock before Survivor last night, I have yet to cast on the second sock. I'm not sure if I need to take a break from this sock for a bit, or what. But right now I have no desire to cast on the next sock. So I think that means I have SSS.

In other SSS news, I finished sleeve number one on the ArtFibers Gyspy Sweater. I went with the large orange stripe at the bottom of the sleeve and decided to not make the sleeves overly long (like to my wrist --- it is more a 7/8 sleeve for pushing up with less bulk.) However, I'm again in no mood to cast on the second sleeve. Thus I have SSS. But tell me you like the sweater:

By this point, the Prince is freaking out. He believes that I will get to the point where I will stop finishing anything and that is not the case here. In fact, I've decided that while I have no desire to cast on the second sock or sleeve, I will and I will finish the other item in my bag before moving on to something new. Let's just step back and give the Prince some air -- he may be a little freaked out at the thought of an unfinished craft project in this house. Look something shiny.

In other Snarkville news, Polly came to visit on Friday and we went to ArtFibers and lunch. What fun. I didn't get lost getting out of the city this time and Polly only got slightly lost getting in. We laughed, we were snarky, and she only slightly thinks I'm a freak -- so all is good. The purple (yes, please note the plan is to dye this -- because I'm not a lover of the color -- but of the price? Of the price I'm its dirty little mistress) is lace weight silk and merino from ArtFibers. Yes, it is yummy -- and yes there is something like 3K yards. Yup, I'm in love. The black stuff is Natruwolle that is destined to be a bag --- also, yummy.

Well, finally, this week is my cruise to nowhere for two days. I can't wait to go and I need to pack and get a few last minute things done before I say Bon Voyage. If I'm a good little blogger, I may just post from the ship -- if not, I promise photos (if I remember batteries this time) when I return. Plus there will be knitting time -- then the week after there will be knitting time on the plane too!!! I love plane knitting, don't know why, it just makes me very happy.


Anonymous Niki said...

Ok, in order:
the sock is awesome - I'll have to try the pattern.
the sweater - put me down for it in your will - you know it will fit!
laceweight - I love it just the color it is (puppy dog eyes as I beg for some)
Naturwolle - will make a fabulouso purse.

Tell the Prince to get over it - when he gets rid of all the miscellaneous computer parts in the house, you will finish all of those unfinished craft projects (one of which shall not be named).

9:49 AM  
Blogger badmommy said...

I love plane knitting too - but only when I'm flying by myself. It's not the same when I have to keep tuning in to what the rest of the family is doing!

I LOVE the sock. I've really got to try that pattern, although nothing will be as awesome as your home-dyed yarn. Don't worry - part of the problem is the HOT weather we're having - hard to get overly enthusiastic about knitting garments you won't want to wear for six months. You'll be back to the second sock and the second sleeve.

If it helps, you can tell the Prince about the 20 or so projects-in-progress that I've got shoved in ziplocks all over our house. What can I say? I get bored and need to switch around. It all gets finished eventually.

10:41 AM  
Blogger Polly said...

I used to know a woman that only had one leg, and she always had a sock on the needles. That was her silver lining to the one leg thing. She never had 2nd second sock syndrome... and out of all the things you could say about me... you had to say I got lost? HM. And how come I only saw the muppet yarn and not the other stuff... that looks interesting.

7:23 PM  

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