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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thoughts from my death bed

There's a frog in Snarkville and it is me. I thought to open with the classic, "Hello, this is Kermit the Frog" but I fear without sound you'd not think it nearly as funny as I do. Let's leave my health in the "failing" category and move along to the important stuff of the day.

First, I spoke to school about the timeline to move Duke to the 3's room. It probably won't be until winter. He must be potty trained (though I'm loving Polly's suggestion) and the room is FULL to the brim with kids that aren't moving up yet. This turns into a good thing, actually. One of the last kids moving up is one of the problem children, so goodbye. We dislike the teacher in the 3s room alot. To the point, Prince and I are already considering a school change, just because this woman is nasty. So, this is what we have. I also learned that there are less issues on Tuesdays and Thursdays when the class isn't completely full. This makes me think that the problem is more of 2 teachers to 14 kids might be a bit too much for these two teachers (or, oh, anyone -- I'm just saying). I am going to talk to the director again when we return and mention that I know it is ok per the state, but since the incidents go up (and there are 12 boys of the 14 -- which might not have been factored into the minimum state guidelines) on those days, is there a chance of an extra teacher to pitch in and help out a bit more? Please?

Next, I want to assure all of you that the two e-mails I quoted in the Hippie world post were NOT from the same woman. I know it would be hard to tell, seeing as I changed all indentifiers, but they are not in fact the same. I'm not sure if it is more disturbing that there could be more than one "nut job" out there or that this could seem so normal to so many. In case you were wondering what the final list was for the Organic Daycares was -- there basically aren't any. The one she mentioned is a parent co-op not a daycare, which is why they don't take un-potty-trained kids under 3. Now, that particular mommy has made other posts that make me laugh, including looking for a babysitter who doesn't use certain soaps or detergents on her clothing. The sitter can't have pets, smoke, or otherwise have a life. Now, if you are SO sensitive to everything like this, have you considered a plastic bubble? Or maybe you shouldn't be going out into the world where's there things you might breathe like air? I need to get off this rant and move along, because Karma will bite my butt. However, it was kinda nice to turn all my Yahoo groups to "no mail" yesterday. A true vacation awaits me.

Finally, let me leave you with Duke's plan for the day.

Prince: Do you want to go to school this morning?
Duke: No.
Prince: You get to ride in the blue car.
Duke: No, Daddy.
Prince: Would you like to ride around in circles then?
Duke: Yes.
Prince: Ok, let's get in the blue car and ride around in circles.

How much you want to bet one of those circles is going to stop right in front of school?

And today's bonus Duke item -- I have *THAT* kid. The one who puts stuff in his ears -- yesterday he, and his "friends" made playdough "earrings." The teacher told me, "I think I got it all out of his ears, but if his ears are bothering him it is probably playdough." How long from playdough to pea gravel in the nose?


Anonymous Niki said...

Playdough - was it organic? At our house it was a pony bead (small one). Imagine sticking a tweezer up your (tiny) 2-year old's nose and trying to grab a bead through the hole without poking a hole through to her brain! 3 guesses and the first 2 don't which of the 2 lovely Knitnik girls did this. If you guessed the same one who ate dog poop, you've guessed correctly!

Feel better - I think you will once you actually get out of the house and on to vacation! Call me if you need distraction - you know where I am, and that I always need distraction!

8:10 AM  
Blogger badmommy said...

As many fluids and as much sleep as you can get away with....

9:25 AM  
Blogger badmommy said...

As many fluids and as much sleep as you can get away with....

9:25 AM  

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