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Monday, May 29, 2006

What a day and an half!!!

No, it wasn't a day and a half since I posted, it is just that we crammed a full day and a half's worth of fun into a day. And boy are we all tired.
First sidenote: let me be proud to announce that Duke is doing really well with the potty thing. He even woke up from his nap today to go poop (though not going back to sleep could have killed us all). He also went running in (while Prince was doing HIS potty thing) to go pee -- which he promptly did on his socks. Of course, in true form for Duke, he could be in underwear by Sunday here and then we will go home and he won't pee in the potty for two more months.
Second sidenote: The Queen Mum (yes, Polly we are visiting the Queen Mum -- not the woman who thinks I stole her son away) and Queen Pop throw a party/BBQ today. It was a blast. We had more food than we should have and enjoyed much laughter. Duke was a charmer and a half -- and didn't fall into the pool at all. Prince got brilliant this evening and took Duke and bought a remote control boat -- which turned into the hit of the evening. Shockingly, there was not a single guest here who did not play with the boat -- from 3 to 83!!!

And on to the post: I got this e-mail today from Polly, one of our (the royal "our" is use here -- we are so thrilled) frequent commenters (and someone who is Pro-Ocean):
You know when I saw Gin Blossoms? You knew I was
going before I went. So while I was there, the lead
singer was taking people cellphones and singing to the
person on the other side. And I thought wow, how
Queenie is this, a personal concert?? But I didnt
have your phone # saved or I would have totally given
him my phone for him to sing to you. What would you
have done said - hey sing one of your hits buddy... or
FREEBIRD.. or sing Toad the Wet Sprocket!

So this got me thinking. What would I have asked the Gin Blossoms to play for me on my cell phone -- had Polly thought to program my phone number in? At first it was easy -- some random hit -- but then I got to thinking -- really what would the Queen in me suggest? I'm thinking I'm leaning to "God Save the Queen" personally, but do you think that would be too much? So, I'm thinking I'd lean to Toad the Wet Sprocket -- or one of my obscure favorites Camper Van Beethoven.

So, now I must ask you what would you have asked? And in this area, what/who is the one concert that you are still willing to sleep outside OVERNIGHT for tickets to? I figure if after 30 you are still willing to sleep outside for tickets, it must really be worth it to you. I however will only reveal my choice in tomorrow's post.


Blogger Polly said...

Well first, I got married so I wouldnt have to sleep on the sidewalk, so I would have WHN do that for Bowie (whom I've seen a bunch of times) and for front row I would have him blow whomever could make that happen for me.

We also have this longstanding agreement that if he was ever standing next to Bowie at an urinal he would peak for me.

9:51 PM  
Blogger Polly said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10:24 PM  
Blogger Polly said...

And btw, no one has ever gotten lime disease or bubonic plague from the ocean.

10:26 PM  
Anonymous The King of Snarkville said...

No, no lime disease or bubonic plague...

E.Coli contamination, swarmed by sea lice, stung by Porteguese Man O' War... but never lime disease or bubonic plague from the ocean...

What's your point? :P

1:29 PM  
Anonymous niki said...

I don't think there's a group left out there for whom I'd camp out overnight. Now, if there was a 1/2 price sale on some Lorna's Laces, or Socks that Rock, or for that matter a 1/2 price sale on nearly any sock yarn in existence, THAT would be worth a night camping out!

Miss you, hope you guys are having a great time, and give the Duke a squeeze from "Kiki' and the Prince a big raspberry! I'll think of you at Knit Night tonight!

Oh - and GO DUKE! Use that potty! And pee in those socks - Mama will make you more!

2:53 PM  
Blogger Polly said...

sea lice? Gimme a break. Don't forget about the lions, tigers and bears. (none of which can swim)

5:26 PM  
Blogger Grenadine Girl said...

If I had known Radiohead was going on sale for the Berkeley Greek Theatre last week, I would have slept outdoors for them.



9:36 PM  
Anonymous The King of Snarkville said...

There arctually is something called Sea Lice, and it's very irritating!

As a matter of fact, there was a sign up at the beach when we went warning that the Sea Lice were biting...

9:10 AM  

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