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Saturday, May 27, 2006

A beachy day

I don't get along with the beach. I have never been a sun-bathing, sand in every crack of your body, salt water stringy hair kind of girl. In fact, if given the choice of never seeing the beach again and never seeing a moutain again, I'd opt for losing the beach -- without a thought.

Today, I may be forced to change my mind. I present exhibit A.

Please note the happy little boy with his feet in the water. He giggled NON-STOP from the moment the feet hit the sand through the waves knocking him on his butt to the run up the beach to re-join Prince and Queen's Pop to the post sand shower on the beach. He even enjoyed the nearly naked wrap in a towel and rush to the car.

What he didn't like is that he had to get another bath when we get home to get the sand out of his butt.

Now, I present exhibit B. Please note the happy boy in the swimming pool. Again, we squelled with delight at every moment. To the point, he asked us to "put him down" in 3 FEET of water -- he doesn't swim yet -- but at the pace he's going, he will be soon enough. We went to Target and picked up a this to help him "swim" more independantly. Wish him luck.

I wish I had other things to report, but I have to admit we live very boring lives. We went to church this morning and Duke sat in my lap through the whole service. That was nice and a little shocking. Duke has been loving all the fun trains in the house. Today he was too happy to take his nap and then at the appointed hour of bedtime, he was running full tilt in circles and told us that there was no way he was going to bed. Once in bed (after a small chat with dad) he was sound asleep in no time. Who knows what time in the morning we will be having a blast again.

There's a party here tomorrow. I can't wait. Then Tuesday holds lunch with Prince's Grandmother and then off to the ship -- oh, two whole nights off on a ship -- I can't wait. Can you?


Blogger Polly said...

I can't believe you are anti-ocean pro-mountain. Wow. You think you know someone. Signend, Nic, Pro-Ocean, Anti-Lakes

8:06 PM  
Anonymous niki said...

I knew there was a reason we were friends. The only way I like the beach is at night, looking at the stars, listening to the waves, and talking to God. The sand, salt, sticky-wet, and icky creatures are just not my thing. Give me mountains any day! Glad you guys are having a good time, and that Duke's having so much fun!

Off to "bless" the house, since I'm home, and it's Monday, and it needs it! Love ya!

7:31 AM  

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