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Friday, May 26, 2006

I hate time zones.

Before I begin, let me warn you, I'm on my SECOND adult beverage after a LONG day that began at 4:45am PST and it is currently Midnight EST. I'm pooped, still sick, and of course, lamenting being awake. The Prince and Duke are currently experimenting with unconscious -- seems to be working for them.

Ok, the trip across country takes forever. Just like I kinda believe that we should have advanced modern medicine enough to not have pregnancy last 40 weeks; I think the trip across country should not take 12 hours. I also believe in fairies, but that for another blog -- I think.

So, you all want to know how Duke did -- he did very well. He was given a special backpack which he was to watch over. Duke did an amazing job at this. We traveled without a stroller -- a first really and I'm pleased enough to not go to TRU to buy one. He was good, slept on one of the flights and other than a few little rough spots, was better than those OTHER kids.

However, it wouldn't be Snarkville without telling you about the problem -- really two of them.

First, the rental car company. I went with a different one than our normal one, because it was $100 dollars cheaper. Well, for that $100 dollars, my car wasn't really waiting for me (eventhough I'd signed up to be a preferred person) and the bus driver sort of dumped the whole bus load of folks in the parking lot with NO information. I called the company, FROM THE PARKING LOT, and got a reservation agent who said to another agent about me, "I want to hang up on this woman." I got the manager and ended up with an additional $100 off my rental. NOW it is worth it -- not sure if we will ever use this company again.

FWIW, we have an HHR for the two weeks. It barely holds all out stuff -- but could be a fun car to run around in. I wouldn't own one -- but it isn't a piece of crap -- which is normally what I end up renting.

Secondly, let's discuss a Mickey D's experience. We know that Duke is a bite picky and after a day of eating NutruGrain bars, I wanted him to eat dinner. So, we stopped on the way to my parents to pick up his favorite, a Hamburger Happy Meal. Prince ordered, "a hamburger happy meal, plain. Milk. with a toddler toy." We got TWO plain hamburger and a milk. We called them back to the window to ask for the right item. We got the second time: ONE plain hamburger and a milk. I checked the receipt we were charged for a hamburger happy meal and a plain hamburger. Third time was a charm, we got the requested Happy Meal and the refund. However, the refund was THROWN into (or better at our car). Prince pulls away from the window, throws the car into the closest parking space (which might have been all three handicap parking spaces in front of the McD's). He went in to speak to the manager.

Welcome to Sunny South Florida. And my body only thinks it is 9pm and it is really midnight.


Anonymous Niki said...

Glad you made it there alive (and basically unscathed). Kudos to Duke for being a good traveler. He will only improve with age (and electronic toys).

I must be channeling you guys - we had a similar Arby's experience yesterday, though they were OH SO nice and apologetic about it. We went in, ordered, were told something incorrect, but lived with the consequences, waited 10 minutes (with 2 people in line) for food (and not all of it), when we went to sit down, the guy cleaning the tables had thrown away our 3 brand new drinks, straws, and napkins, then we got the mozz sticks when the rest of our meal was 90% gone. They apologized to us all the way out the door! BUT - I refused to let the girls "ring the bell if we've made your day" - it was the principle of the thing, as they certainly did not make my day!

Have a great time, call me if you have time. I have just me and Bouncy Perky Ponytail Girl here today, as the man and the teenager are off on a drive/lunch for at least 5 hours. Quiet - at last!

8:33 AM  
Blogger Polly said...

BOOHOO! I just love when people complain about the problems of being a jetsetter. Though, I was expecting me caviar and kobe beef and less Happy Meals.

I had the HHR in SF, I really enjoyed driving that badboy, though I would feel like tool if I owned one.

11:52 PM  
Anonymous The King of Snarkville said...

You know, every time I think I just might be starting to like it in South Florida... South Florida goes out of it's way to remind me why I positively HATE South Florida...

Almost as horrible to me is that fact that I have spent so much time down here that as much as I loathe it down here, it almost feels like coming home when ever I come back... Isn't home supposed to be someplace you like being?

5:07 PM  

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