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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I'm onboard...

..yes, only because I love each and everyone of you SO much that I'm dealing with the world's SLOWEST internet connection. For future reference, if on a cruise ship -- do NOT pay by the minute for your connection -- there is no such thing as a fat pipe -- and this is slower than most dial-up I know. However, because this is a special cruise it is FREE. FREE. FREE. So, I'm posting.

First, my review of the ship thus far -- LORD, it is HUGE. I had to change shoes because I think I wore the first pair out. Yes, there is a ton to do on board this ship. Hopefully, the issues I've found are more due to the beginning of the season and NOT a universal problem with ships this big or RCCL as a whole. My biggest complaint thus far is a real lack of food and drink. On Pride of Hawaii there wasn't a bar closed and most places to eat were serving LOTS. Here -- we have late dinning (8:45pm) and wanted a snack. THREE places later and there was no snack to be found. I'm hungry.

Second, I'm now childless. For the next four days, the Prince and I are without child. We are loving it. Yup, this is a life!! ;) However, what do we think of the first childless night together in a long time having twin beds??? Yup, walked into our cabin (Inside, overlooking the Royal Promenade -- I suggest you look up cabin 6297 on Freedom of the Seas -- we are in a PR cabin-- and see where we are) and had twin beds. My first thought was "What the heck???" then I thought ---- "hmmm, SLEEP." We have a queen bed now, so who do you think won? However, the bed is the new upgraded with the pillow top --- oh, yum. I'm not thinking too highly of my cabin boy yet either -- he left an empty water bottle in one of our drawers. Thus far, I'm rating this trip lower than Pride of Hawaii.

Thirdly, the hot tub is nice on this ship; they have music pumped underwater in one of the pools; and everything is free. I've been the gift shop once and will probably go back -- I need something for the boy and for my pretty internet buds (yes, there will be a new contest soon -- so warm up your writing hats). I'm hoping the Casino will be open soon too -- so I can win back some of what this trip is costing me ;) Other than that -- let's hope dinner doesn't disappoint me.

Finally, I think I'm suffering from a lack of adult beverages right now -- I need many, many MANY more.


Blogger Polly said...

Don't piss off the cabin boys-- I've seen one too many Dateline NBCs and 20/20's to know how that can turn out.

7:44 PM  
Blogger badmommy said...

I spent a couple of hours this morning waiting for the tv repair guy and doing some seven loads of laundry. I did dishes, I cleaned up a bit, etc., etc., etc. The WORST day cruising is better than the BEST day doing the housework thing! I'm getting a big vicarious thrill out of your cruise!


8:59 PM  
Anonymous Niki said...

Got you both beat - I've been at work all week with the teachers and kids, who all have a bad case of "last week fever". It's amazing I'm still sane.

Miss you, glad you're having a good time, but when are you coming home?

9:01 AM  

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