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Thursday, June 08, 2006

There's No Place Like Home

Dorothy was so right. However, no amount of clicking my heels together got me home on time yesterday. There was an hour delay in Atlanta (raise your hand if you are shocked). We arrived in the "A" terminal, were told to go to "E" terminal. We grabbed lunch and tried to keep occupied for the 3 hour lay-over. Then, I got this feeling that the gate was going to be changed on us. Prince checked -- and YUP, it was. Back to "T" terminal. Shoot me.
Let me paint a picture. I checked everything I could. We carried with us, 3 backpacks (Duke's is on wheels) and a car seat. And still we were loaded down like pack mules. You might think we carried on too much stuff -- but NO -- there was NOTHING we carried on that we didn't use -- NOTHING.
We got to the T gate and found out the plane was delayed by 30 minutes -- but they were still unloading the inbound plane at 2:45pm (we were scheduled to pushback at 3pm). Ok, on the plane, get settled -- Duke took his nap. We look up to see an entire high school heading our way. There was a band/drill team from St. Louis heading to Honolulu, HI. There were at least 5 rows all the way across the wide body plane with no one over 17. URGH. While I'll admit they were better than I expected -- that's not saying much. I was pooped when we arrived. The upside was that those kids weren't fighting me at the bag claim when I got my bags -- FWIW, the fastest I've gotten bags in my life.
Home. For like 40 seconds. I had a meeting to run off (I was 45 minutes late -- but everyone kept telling me "why are you even here" -- dedication, folks, dedication --- or insanity, maybe.)

In other news, I have tons to do -- but right this second I'm waiting for the washing machine to finish so I can shower. Then off to do real work -- yippie.

For Niki: I am waiting for a photo of the costumes and I will NOT announce what we were until I've got that photo. Trust me, it will blow you away.

For Sue: Yes, I'll be there tonight!

I need more coffee. Lots more after this whirlwind. Next trip -- end of June to Seattle and Canada.


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